Low mathematics scores are a good predictor of high school dropout rates. Even when students do graduate, only 1 out of 4 are proficient at high-school level mathematics. In college, 69% of STEM majors switch to fields with fewer mathematics requirements. Math anxiety is real, and it prevents many adults from pursuing careers in math-related fields.

America has a real problem with math illiteracy. That problem largely results from the way we teach our children math in school. All too often, math is reduced to memorization, in an environment that doesn't accommodate students' individual learning speeds.

In Rethinking Math Learning, Dr. Aditya Nagrath shows how you can empower your child with the tools needed to overcome math illiteracy. Using a proven system of six basic concepts, steeped in years of research, Dr. Nagrath explains how to banish math anxiety forever and ensure that your child has the math skills necessary for their future economic success.

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