Log Cabin Secrets: Dovetails— Handcrafted dovetails are beautiful and strong. This book, written by the highly respected log construction teacher and writer, Robert W. Chambers, tells you all the details about this ancient craft.

The basic techniques of log construction is available in Robert’s comprehensive textbook, the Revised Log Construction Manual (available in the Apple Book store). Log Cabin Secrets: Dovetails is about full-scribe, full-dovetail log building— and can be thought of as ‘another chapter’ for the Log Construction Manual.

Chambers has written about dovetails for Joiner’s Quarterly and for Fine Homebuilding, and this book supplies the details (and secrets!) you need to build it yourself. 

Chambers has been saving up his log building secrets for 35 years, and now ‘tells all’ in this fabulous new series of books.

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