Who Moved My Cheese?: Comprehensive Summary

Who moved my cheese is a fable about four characters who live in a maze and they all love cheese. When the cheese disappears, Scurry and Sniff enthusiastically head out into the maze to find new cheese. On the other hand Hem and Haw feel betrayed and complain. They waste their time and energy hoping the old cheese will return. Haw realizes the old cheese won’t return so he sets out into the maze in search for new cheese. He writes what he learns on the walls hoping that Hem will follow him. Eventually he discovers new cheese and sees that Scurry and Sniff were already there. Cheese a metaphor for what you want to have in life. It could be a good job, a loving relationship, money or health. The very core message of the book is this: things constantly change so we must adapt. The quicker we adapt a change the more satisfied will be with.
Tim was an author and sold books on Amazon. He got paid $5.00 every time someone bought his book. This was his cheese. He loved his cheese but Amazon made a change to their way of paying authors. They introduced a new program called Kindle Unlimited, where customers could download his book for free. The catch is that he only got paid for the amount of pages that customers read. He didn’t like this. His sales were dropping. He got angry at Amazon for taking his cheese. He spent weeks sending nasty emails to Amazon about why they should give his cheese back and complaining to his friends. Then there was Dave. 
Funny, how you sometimes stumble into things that were right in front of your nose, all along. I’ve had this book for 10 years. My uncle gave it to me when I was a kid, it was a leftover copy from somewhere. I briefly looked at it (it was still wrapped), thought it was a “manager’s book” and put it away. I distinctly remember the picture of the cheese slice on the cover, and turned it in my hands a couple times since. Sadly, I never felt intrigued enough to read it. What an idiot I was!
This site would probably have existed 5 years earlier, had I read it back then. But there’s no use in crying over spilled milk, so I’ll just make do with what I’ve got and share some of Spencer Johnson’s great lessons about change with you right now. Who Moved My Cheese a parable about two little people and two mice in a maze, searching for cheese, where each character represents a different attitude towards change, with cheese being what we consider success.
Here are 3 lessons about cheese and what you should do when someone moves yours:
1. Thinking too much about your cheese might paralyze you, so just start looking. 2. Nothing lasts forever, so keep your eyes open for approaching changes. 3. There’s always new cheese to be found, and the minute you start moving things will get better. Are you ready to become a champion of change? Let’s look for that cheese!
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