The Carnivore Code: A Comprehensive Summary

The ideal diet for humans needs to be one that has all of the nutrients we need to function optimally in the most bio-available forms and with the smallest amount of toxins. The optimal diet riddle is trying to find a diet that does all of these things at once. 
At one point in our evolution, humans were incredibly healthy. However, with the advent of agriculture, we lost our guidebook. We began eating in ways that our healthy ancestors did not. As a result, we got less and less healthy until we finally became a species with chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, these chronic illnesses will usually be treated as a problem instead of the symptom. 
The author grew up with a doctor in the family, and he watched as his doctor had to work more an intense amount. He developed a curiosity for figuring out why people were unhealthy and decided to go to medical school. After attending medical school, he became a PA in cardiology. There, he realized that the medical field was more about teaching what pills to prescribe and less about teaching the mechanics of the body. 
After listening to a podcast one day, he discovered the meat-based diet. He began wondering if plants triggered his autoimmune issues and inflammatory problems. He started eating a carnivore diet and was immediately impressed by his mental clarity and physical health. All of his blood work came back perfectly. 
The goal of life is to live your best life. The best way to accomplish this is by eating a carnivore diet and living radically, with an emphasis on fun activity and being with those you love. This book will take care of the first part.

Here is a Preview of what you will get:
- A Detailed Summary of the book
- An Analysis of the book to help you better understand it.
- A quiz and answer

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