Hold Me Tight: A Comprehensive Summary

        How is your relationship? Some great moments, but others very frustrating? Relationships can’t always be fantastic, but if the bad times are beginning to take over, you may want to do something to fix it. But how do you go about it? Drawing on some case studies from the author’s practice using EFT, this book summary shows you that many common issues that couples have can be explained by examining how partners respond to each another emotionally in various situations. By learning to recognize these patterns, couples can change how they react in those critical moments and form stronger, longer-lasting bonds.
The book Hold Me Tight, first published by Dr. Johnson in 2008, offers a revolutionary new way to see and shape love relationships. The stories, new ideas and exercises in the book are based on the new science of love and the wisdom of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), an effective new model developed by Dr. Johnson. Subsequently, Dr. Johnson developed the Hold Me Tight® Program as a workshop for couples to enhance their relationships. By 2018, several variants of the program had also been developed: Hold Me Tight®/Let Me Go for parents and teens, Created For Connection for Christian couples, Healing Hearts Together for partners facing cardiac disease, and Hold Me Tight® Online for couples who wish to experience the benefits of the Hold Me Tight® Program from the comfort of their home and on their own schedule. These programs are now used in many countries throughout the world. For more information, see the links below.
In this summary of Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson, you’ll learn
• Why we often argue about seemingly unimportant matters; • how to quit playing the poisonous blame game; and • what it will take to bring your sex life to new heights.
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- A Detailed Summary of the book
- An Analysis of the book to help you better understand it.
- A quiz and answer

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