The Effective Executive:- A Comprehensive Summary- The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

The Effective Executive,” even though it was written back in 1967, still holds great importance nowadays. One of the reasons for that is that its author, Peter Drucker, is highly regarded as one of the most prominent thought leaders. This is especially emphasized in management. Some even describe Drucker as the “founder of modern management.” The genius of his writing can be seen even today, in the 21st century as we read this book. Even though some parts of the book can seem a bit archaic (for example, the author uses third person singular “he” when referring to executives, since back in 1967 there were very few women who were executives), the book still holds great value to all who strive to become great leaders in management. The book is divided into several chapters andeight practices, which are used for explanation and putting theory into practice. What makes “The Effective Executive” so ahead of its time? What gives the book such a great value? Why was its author, Peter Drucker, called the “founder of modern management?” If you want to know the answers to these (and many other) questions, continue reading this summary! 
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