What to Expect When You're Expecting: A Comprehensive Summary

We open with Wendy Cooper (Elizabeth Banks) and her husband, Gary (Ben Falcone). Wendy runs the Breast Choice Boutique and is reading her children’s book about breast-feeding to children and their parents. Gary is video-taping this reading, when suddenly a kid comes in and interrupts the proceedings by screaming an obscenity. Wendy tells Gary to chase after him. After this occurrence, Wendy’s reading is over, and she tells all the children to thank their mothers for breast-feeding them. Gary comes back and claims that the kid was too fast. He congratulates Wendy on her first reading and then says he has to go to something work-related. This disappoints Wendy who was hoping to buy him lunch, but he says he has to leave. Suddenly, Wendy’s phone goes off with the message "You are now ovulating." She tells Gary to come back, pointing at her phone. At first he refuses, but she says that they only need two minutes. He finally goes with her to have sex.
Next we see Holly (Jennifer Lopez) doing a photo shoot with a baby. After she’s done, she shows the pictures to the mom of the baby while Holly holds the baby. The baby pukes on her, but Holly handles it well. The mother tells Holly that she’s good with kids and should have one of her own. Holly states that is the plan.
We then go back to Gary and Wendy who are going to an outdoor showing of the film “Dirty Dancing.” Before the movie, Wendy proposes a toast and states that maybe they should stop trying to have a baby for a little while. She then proceeds to chug the vodka. Gary goes off to get food at one of the food trucks that are there and we meet Marco (Chace Crawford). Marco is serving food, but gets irritated once he realizes the food truck next to him is serving bacon (which is his specialty). He goes over to the other food truck that is run by Rosie (Anna Kendrick). Rosie and he go back and forth for a little bit, and it’s obvious they have a history. Marco challenges her to a contest: Whoever sells more of their specialty wins. Either way, Marco wants a date with Rosie. Rosie states that last time they tried a date she was stood up.
During the movie, Gary and Wendy have sex again when things go dark. After the movie, Marco tells Rosie he won the contest. He brought beer, and they go and sit together on the grass. He tells her why their last date didn’t exactly go so well. It turns out that he asked her to prom, and she said no, so then he asked someone else, but then Rosie changed her mind and said yes. So he brought both girls to prom.
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