The Speed of Trust: A Complete Summary

The Speed of Trust” is a book about trust and its importance, not only in personal but also in professional and business life. The author of this book, Stephen M. Covey, the CEO of CoveyLink WorldWide, wrote this book in order to teach his readers about the importance of trust.
Trust is not something that can be described as “touchy-feely” or something that is very nice to have. Trust is, as the author puts it, a hard-nosed business asset, which can deliver great economic value. With high trust, the speed of execution is also high, and the cost goes down. For that reason, finding good ways to build and enhance trust is vital.
What can a person do to enhance trust?
The first thing the author suggests is building a workable mental model (which is also something the author explains in his book). Trust is very important. It influences us 24/7, 365 days a year. Trust is crucial for every relationship, for every communication, every working project, and every effort in which we want to be engaged. Therefore, trust is a pragmatic, very tangible, and actionable asset that each person can create. 

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