10% Happier: A Summary - How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge

In this acclaimed memoir, Dan Harris recounts the events leading to his televised panic attack and takes the reader through the subsequent quest to find himself. In an accidental journey involving evangelicals, self-help gurus, Buddhists, and neuroscientists, Harris narrates how he discovered he had been sleepwalking his entire life. He paints a vibrant picture of mindless living as he reveals his pursuit of the thrill of war reporting and his indulgence in hard drugs. 
Harris recounts how he discovered his internal monologue was at the root of his mindless behavior and how an unlikely practice gave him a way out. He narrates how he learned meditation, nurtured compassion in an aggressive industry, and found lasting happiness. He sets out to demystify meditation and show it can work for anyone. In his view, you don’t have to lose your edge, creativity, or success habits when you quiet the incessant voice in your head.
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