Strengths Based Leadership:  Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow | A Comprehensive Summary
Strengths Based Leadership is a book about, as the title suggests, leadership. It is not just a self-help book; it is also a guide for new leaders and managers and for “old” ones who want to improve their leadership skills. In this book, the author tries to explain how to lead a company and how to be a good leader by implementing one or more key parts from his book. 
The book is divided into about ten chapters, but in this summary these chapters will be called “parts.” Each part will talk about one important subject from the book, so that when we reach the final one, every part will actually contribute to the whole. 
Strengths Based Leadership is an interesting read, and it will definitely come in handy for many people. The main reason for that is because it contains practical advice regarding leadership. After the summary section, we will analyze the book and then we will have a small pop-quiz, where the readers will have the opportunity to test their knowledge about the book. After the quiz, we will conclude this summary with a brief review of the book. 
First is the summary, so let’s get started.  
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