Essentialism: by Greg Mckneown |The Disciplined Pursuit of Less | A Comprehensive Summary
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less is a self-help book written by Greg McKeown. The core message of this book is the outline of a minimalist approach to every kind of task or obligation. Rather than focusing on multitasking and on doing “more things at once,” the author suggests that we should instead be focusing on doing what is important. 
Since we live in a world where speed is everything and where the most important thing is to know how to successfully combine speed and efficiency, people are often told that multitasking is what it is all about. If we read this book, we will see that there are easier ways to get things done. Essentialism is a book to educate readers about how all things – tasks, obligations, and assignments – have a certain priority; some may be more urgent or important, while others are less so. If we know how to differentiate between the more and less important tasks, and we also know how to focus on the more important ones, we will know what to finish first. This is where Essentialism comes to action. The book is interesting to read and full of eye-opening advice that will surely do a lot of good for many readers. 
After the introduction we will try to summarize the book by presenting the most important facts from the original book. So, let’s get started. 

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