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State-Sponsored Sex

and Other Tales of International Misadventure

Growing up in a dusty, West Texas town, Claire Noble craved a life of fun and adventure.  A decade after college however, Claire decided it was time to impose some discipline upon her turbulent life. But just as she landed the job of her dreams, she met the man of her dreams–online. Claire married her online boyfriend and moved with him to Hong Kong a week after the wedding. Now the real adventure began.

Debut memoirs aren’t usually this vivid or this varied. State-Sponsored Sex is fast, it’s furious, it’s down-to-earth, and it’s inviting: what more could one ask for from a travel adventure that entertains even as it educates? D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

From a government-operated Shanghai sex toy store to a quirky Shanghai DMV, from a time-warped expat neighborhood to a luxury Hong Kong high rise, Claire charted a course through an inadvertent decade in State Sponsored Sex Cover MEDIUMAsia with new discoveries around every corner. She ate maggots and smuggled parasites. She had near misses with Kim Jong-Il but really met Erica Jong. She suffered through tortuous massages, mammograms and colonoscopies and lived to laugh about it. She began her journey as a newlywed but grew her family with the addition of four cats, two kids and an assortment of houseplants–most of which suffered slow, agonizing deaths (the plants, not the kids or the cats).

Join Claire on her journey of the unexpected, both new cultures and new life roles. Along the way Claire learns plans are often nothing more then good intentions and a sense of humor is indispensible for surviving all that comes life’s way. 


One Woman’s Struggle to Accept the Skin She’s In

For anyone who has ever had a pimple, a freckle, a wrinkle or a rash, Skingripe: One Woman’s Struggle to Accept the Skin She’s In, is a humorous commiseration of all that can go wrong with the body’s largest and most visible organ. By focusing on her specific obsession–skin, Claire Noble explores the universal theme of body image in this essay length selection.

Skingripe 3Self-loathing or self-love? Body image is the bane of many women’s existence. Despite platitudes assuring women that they are beautiful just the way they are, simultaneously, and often in the same magazines, they are urged to transform themselves into improved versions through diet, exercise, cosmetics and clothes. Similar to Mara Altman’s Kindle Single Bearded Lady, Skingripe employs wit, candor and self-deprecation to expose the pressure women endure to conform to an accepted standard of femininity and beauty. As a kid, Claire endured teasing for having freckles and suffered chronic sunburns from summers spent outdoors. Initially, adulthood meant a reprieve from schoolyard taunting and held the promise of instantaneous enhancement through makeup. Soon, much too soon, the need for wrinkle creams emerged followed quickly by treatments to keep skin cancer at bay.

Skingripe recounts Claire’s struggle to care for and accept her skin, but not before spending an inordinate amount of time, money and sanity in the process.


Rascal: A Meowmoir41SwopBigRL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

Rascal has had enough drama to last nine lives.

Claire and Brigitte Noble team up to bring you the story of Rascal the cat.

Rascal was born in the countryside surrounding Hong Kong. Unfortunately, he was born with damaged eyes. A blind cat would have a difficult time in the wild, so Rascal moved into an apartment with his forever family. Two years later, the family moved to Switzerland. Mostly, Rascal prefers to take it easy. Read about the times when taking it easy was not an option.