Buff Beef

IMG_1966Decided to make Boeuf Bourguignon. Experienced a communication breakdown at my local grocer, COOP. The butcher spoke no English and despite 6+ months of German lessons the best I could come up with under pressure was “Langsammer Rind.” (slowly beef) Hence the ragout. It was the only thing that even remotely resembled the stewing beef Julia Child recommends. I was later told this was exactly what I should have purchased. So far, so good. Also, if this was a culinary defeat it would not be as big a financial blow as a beef tenderloin defeat.


The verdict: flavor good, beef dry. DRY! How could something simmered in red wine for hours be dry? I googled probable causes for dry Boeuf Bourguignon (quelle horreur!) 1. Temperature too high. 2. Beef too lean.

Temperature in my VZug oven was exact.

But maybe there was something to the second point.

123_Swiss Cow - Murren, Switzerland


Exhibit A – The typical Swiss cow is a #*&@! mountain climber. What was I thinking? I have been up Mt. Titlis and Mt. Rigi and what awaits me at the top as I alight the cog rail or gondola–Swiss cows–who walked up. No wonder they have no fat on them. They have the BMI of triathletes.


Next Boeuf Bourguignon–only slacker cows need apply.




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