Hardcore Postal or One Shade of Yellow

091859.jpg.res-500x500This is not what this blog post is supposed to be about. Seriously.

This is a 50 Shades of Grey party game, for 3 or more players over the age of 18–hey, that is what the directions said.

This game really exists–in Switzerland anyway.

This post was supposed to be about–


Sandra, a friendly but hardcore member of the Swiss Post team. Why hardcore? Every morning after I deposit the children at school I see Sandra and an army of her colleagues in the Swiss Postal Service delivering mail on scooters in sub-freezing temperatures. And they are smiling. And friendly. And fast.

The USPS has been struggling for some time. News that Saturday delivery service would be discontinued reinforced its dire image. Not sure how much the USPS appreciates unsolicited advice on management improvement, but I thought I might share the suggestion to consider using the fuel-sipping, economical scooters used by the Swiss Post.

Which brings me back to Christian Grey. That game is for sale on the Swiss Post website, along with a bunch of other stuff–movies, books, office supplies, electronics and toys. Also, Swiss Post recently announced a partnership with La Poste. When you go to the local post office you take a number rather than stand in line. That leaves you free to browse the books and office supplies stocked in the stores while you wait your turn.

The Swiss Post is staying in business by staying relevant. Maybe the USPS could try something similar.

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