Swiss Hibernation

My neighbors are on their third trip since November–first a cruise, then Thailand and now Florida. I guess Swiss winters are not too bad if you do not actually spend them in Switzerland.

IMG_1960Some Swiss businesses are also taking a break–called a Winter-pause (pronounced VEENTER PAWS). This business helpfully put a signIMG_1962 out to inform prospective customers to return in March. And while I appreciate the need for rest and Vitamin A, how do you know who is and is not taking a Winter-pause other than by trial and error. That is how we discovered Lenzburg Castle and Rapperswil Zoo are both also on Winter-pause until mid-March.

I prefer to hibernate the old-fashioned way–in my little Swiss cave-house, staring out the opening at the slowly falling snow as I curl up closer to my space heater. I am only guessing here, but I think I will appreciate Spring much more than my neighbors.


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