4 Countries in 1 Day

No, we were not on some crazy coach tour cramming all of Europe into the President’s Day weekend. We had just spent 4 wonderful days in Italy and decided to try a different route home. North through the Brenner Pass, into Austria, east at Innsbruck, short cut through Lichtenstein, and home to Switzerland.

We departed Verona, Italy just after breakfast and headed north through Trento, Bolzano and Brennero. Somewhere between Trento and Bolzano all the signs switched to bilingual–Italian and German, despite still being miles from the border with Austria. By 11 am we were walking around the old town (altstadt) of Innsbruck.


My evil husband saw the Sacher Cafe sign and innocently suggested we try it for lunch. I knew his ulterior motive–Sacher torte for dessert. He must have briefed the kids when I was not paying attention because they were in on the scam.

<sigh> I was vastly outnumbered. I had no choice but to surrender. Pity me, I thought I heard my bathroom scale snicker at me when we returned home.

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