Notice Something Missing?

IMG_1940That is my kitchen sink.

My Swiss kitchen lacks a garbage disposal.
IMG_1939This is the Swiss method for disposing of kitchen scraps.

This collection bin is located under the counter. Once a day I empty its contents into a large green garbage receptacle outside, which in turn is emptied once a week.

It is winter so it does not smell. However, in the summer I have learned to quickly toss the contents of my bin and back away as quickly as possible. Not only does it emit a noxious scent, but it evolves into a new eco system complete with oozing slugs and a multitude of flying insects. It is gross, hideously so.

Might there be a slight ecological advantage to composting verses processing kitchen scraps in the municipal water supply? Ever so slightly, if any. Turns out garbage disposals are very rare outside the U.S. Seems to me the Insinkerator people have missed a big opportunity–you know like, the rest of the globe!

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