Is the grass greener in Switzerland?

ImageUnlike last year, cold but dry, this year our little patch of Switzerland has seen near-constant snow since Halloween. Yesterday it snowed again, but then warmed, sort of, and now the snow is almost gone revealing–green grass. The fecundity of Switzerland is irrepressible.

Switzerland is a perpetually green country. But does the idiom “grass is greener” also apply objectively to living here?


According to The Economist magazine, it does. In fact, if you could choose anywhere in the world to be born in 2013, they recommend Switzerland. They crunched the numbers on various sets of quality of life indicators and Switzerland came out on top.

See the full article here:

While it is too late for me to be born here, I do feel I am still able to reap some benefits from living here–they are more immediate, quality-of-life conveniences such as clean air and water, locally grown food and access to culture and travel throughout Europe.


I have no way of quantifying this, but I do think there must be a psychological benefit to living in a place with staggering beauty. The world must appear to the Swiss, definitely my children and to me, a very beautiful place–at least the little patch we call home, for now.

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