Economic Vegetarians


We do not eat meat as often since relocating to Switzerland. When I pay the equivalent of $64.34 in U.S. dollars for a little more than a pound of beef tenderloin you can see why. Good thing the potatoes were only around $3. Not only is this an expensive dinner at home, it is a stressful dinner. Stressful because if I overcook this meat I am wasting more than $60 dollars. Today I rubbed salt, pepper and garlic into the meat and it is now resting in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked tomorrow night. I’ll update tomorrow with the results.



Finished tenderloin. I erred on the rare side, Mark loved it, but I put my piece back in the oven for a few more minutes. It was tender and the flavor was lovely. Thanks to lovethesecretingredient for the bacon-wrapped tenderloin recipe.

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