The Saga of Spicy the Cat

Spicy was a badass and I was proud of her. She was tough and despite compromised vision still managed to be a formidable huntress. Living on the 43rd floor of a Hong Kong high-rise we had no idea she possessed this talent. Once in cat heaven, otherwise known as Switzerland (aka Chocolate Heaven, aka Cheese Heaven) we discovered Swiss suburbia rife with weak-links in the gene pool that Spicy was culling one-by-one. Mice, moles and birds succumbed to her paws of fury. Even neighborhood cats that had once used our yard as a thoroughfair found new routes when Spicy moved into the neighborhood.


Unfortunately her new found disdain and intolerance of weakness extended to her two brothers, Rascal and Hei Mao. Rascal did not merely have reduced vision, he did not have eyes. Despite this challenge he got on well and even managed his own hunting successes, mainly bumblebees that after capturing he actually ate. But reduced physical activity had resulted in a “throw pillow” physique and he did clumsily run into furniture and walls. Spicy’s biological brother, Rascal tried to maintain familial relations but Spicy spurned his efforts. Hei Mao was an elderly Shanghainese street cat. Confucian by nature, he resented the younger cats for never affording him the respect he deserved. Contempt between he and Spicy was mutual.


Veterinary and pharmaceutical intervention did nothing ease the tense feline environment in our home. Spicy took to hanging out at other homes where she found a bed and food. She would show up whenever we grilled steak and she sniffed us out. Her visits resulted in altercations with her brothers, especially Rascal, who was so stressed out by this that despite lacking proper plumbing started “spraying” which is really smelly and gross.

Then the neighbors demanded I get Spicy, whom they had fed and sheltered, out of their yard never to return. One neighbor dropped by a 2-page list of instruction on how to care for cats–how helpful of her! Since I couldn’t put her with her loathsome brothers–Spicy went to solitary. After consulting with the Vet it was decided that Spicy needed a new home where she was the only pet.

Two weeks ago I delivered her to a no-kill shelter where I hope she will find a home right for her. My helpful neighbor called today, to check on Spicy. I’m so glad my husband answered the phone.

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