I know what you’re thinking…

is that a jar of dead mice? At first glance? Maybe?


Okay, maybe not. But it is what occurs to me when I see this jar of Swiss herbal tea bags sitting on the counter next to the sugar and flour. And I’m the person who put the tea bags in there in the first place. The tea is my husband’s go-to cure all when he comes down with random maladies.

I’ve had some experience with dead mice, unfortunately at my hand, so I am familiar with their post-mortem appearance. Also, if they are found fast enough they don’t smell nearly as bad as that tea–hence the airtight jar. Thing is, with a label in Swiss German, which even Google translate won’t attempt, there is no telling what is in those little bags. Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee made from beans that have traveled through the digestive system of the Civet Cat and Thailand is producing a coffee made from beans fished out of elephant dung. Could the Swiss be collaborating with mice on tea? After all, their national soda, Rivella, is made from cow’s whey. So it would not be their first.

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