My New Favorite Swiss Town

Bremgarten, Argau

Located on the Limmat River, southwest of Zurich–Bremgarten is a lovely Medieval town with towers, churches and timbered buildings. It has a different look and feel from other Swiss towns, perhaps because it was originally a Hapsburg market town. The cobbled streets are now pedestrian-only, providing a safe and relaxing stroll. The stores and restaurants are very local–a music store, tailor, cobbler, etc. and not at all contrived and touristy. We had lunch at the Hotel Stadthof which is located right on the river. It was too cold to eat outside, but the restaurant does have a terrace that overlooks the river and the old, covered bridge. We started with the Rueblicremesuppe (Carrot) which was the Tagesuppe. Delicious. I wanted something small so I ordered the Knoblibrot, which was a large garlic toast that rendered me socially unacceptable for the remainder of the day. Since it was quite tasty it was worth it. For the kids we found 2 playgrounds close to the town center. One was located near St. Nicolas church, the other was south along the river, just past a small aviary. Only 30 minutes from our town, Richterswil, it was an easy day adventure and well worth the drive.

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