Neutral Swiss no Alli


A housewife burdened with post-holiday excess walks into a Swiss pharmacy. Apologizes for her inability to speak the local language and proceeds to ask about a weight loss product called Alli. Sympathetic pharmacists explains that 1. The supply of Alli has been interrupted. But 2. There is an alternative. However 3. She can tell by looking at me (dressed in a puffer coat!) that my BMI does not exceed 28 so she regrets that she is unable to sell me said product.

It is an over the counter medicine. I live in a totalitarian state. If I want to be anal about my weight isn’t that my right?

Thwarted in my attempt to lose weight in the most convenient, effortless and above all painless way possible.

Of course, I did leave elated, albeit empty-handed. She didn’t think I was fat (enough) in a puffer coat that definitely makes me look fat.

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