Worst Jet Lag Ever

media_819371Day 7 and I am still not over my U.S. to Europe jet lag. I made a classic amateur mistake–I took a nap. I ignored my own gut-it-out rule and took a nap. Every. day. since. arriving. I only have myself to blame.

Europe does not make the task any easier–it is dark here, all the time. My body is reverting to an earlier evolutionary stage where hibernating was part of the program. Which would explain the layer of, ahem, nutrition around my waist. Just enough to make it through the long, lean winter. That is, if winter were still lean and sustenance consisted of root vegetables until Spring (instead of fondue and raclette).

<sigh> Our bodies need to evolve to keep up with Starbucks’ marketing campaigns. Salted caramel hot chocolate grande anyone?


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